Monday October 15 , 2018
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Business Development

nua Training and Development offer a full business development mentoring service. We have experience and knowledge in setting up and starting a business and offer particular skills and share our knowledge on an ongoing basis. Your mentor will not only be your adviser but your confidante – a person you trust to be honest, careful and ‘on your side’ while you build your business.

The mentor's role is to support, develop, stimulate and challenge. An experienced mentor can help you to:

  • Plan the future of your business so you can see clear progression, and develop objectives to fulfil your goals
  • develop business skills
  • increase profits and productivity
  • enter new markets and launch new products
  • improve customer service
  • improve your problem-solving abilities
  • build your confidence
  • widen your network of business contacts

Mentors work with you on a one-to-one basis initially for a fixed period of time meeting on a regular basis.


Coaching enables people to enhance their performance, learn new skills and develop their life plan. It is not just about your business but about making sure that your life is being spent in the way your want it to. This process may involve helping you to improve your effectiveness and achieve better results focusing on set, clearly laid out goals you want to achieve. By creating measurable steps you can plan and achieve that success. Coaching facilitates personal transformation.

Business Coaching

According to the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) the latest CIPD training and development survey found that

  • 99% of employers believe coaching provides tangible benefits to both individuals and organisations with
  • 74% of employers expecting to increase their coaching by line managers and
  • 36% intending to increase coaching by external practitioners. Also, the survey found that
  • 88% of companies expect their line managers to deliver coaching as part of their daily activities.

There are a variety of applications for people in business:
-We can work with managers’ own skills enabling them to develop staff potential
-We can help you develop your leadership potential
-We can help you to cope with change and the stress that change create.

Personal Coaching

Most of us experience cross-roads in our lives where decisions and choices are crucial. nua Training and Development coach clients on their personal blocks and enable them to see their challenges as achievable. These challenges are often about career change or enhancement, relationships, self esteem or self confidence and lifestyle changes.

Coaching is the oil on the wheels of change.

Business Planning

We can work with you in developing your Business Plan. Over many years we have developed expertise in writing what is probably the most important document for your business, and we can help you to write it.

The Business Plan greatly enhances the process of creating and maintaining a successful business. We will help you through techniques on setting and achieving goals both long and short term; the thinking and preparation that needs to go into creating a useful Marketing Plan, a Sales Plan and the strategy to deliver the results. We will guide you through writing your Financial Projections and give you guidance on how the Business Plan should look and how to present it to maximum effect.

Reports, tenders, articles, media releases – organised, written and edited

We have a vast range of expertise in writing documents of all kinds. We can create them for you on the basis of information provided or work with you on producing a high quality document, which can be used for presentation, the media or in tendering for work.

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