Monday October 15 , 2018
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Training Programmes

nua Training and Development training programmes are primarily targeted at micro-businesses: businesses employing less than 10 employees.  

A key factor in achieving and maintaining profitability in a business is to ensure a high level of quality in their product or service but just as importantly, it is vital that staff members are well trained and focused on the business.  In order to succeed and achieve their goals, Entrepreneurs need a full understanding of all fundamental aspects of running a business, including management, tax, finance, marketing, sales and business planning.

We tailor our courses to the needs of our clients and can provide training in a variety of formats including one day and half day courses, on-site training at your premises, seminars and interactive tuition.

We have gradually honed our courses by listening carefully to the needs and aspirations of our trainees and those who have ‘graduated’ from our courses.  We believe that learning is most likely to occur through the process of doing; in a relaxed environment of professionalism, collaboration, contribution and feedback; and in an atmosphere which is stimulating and fun.

Our courses are:

  • run by a team of top quality trainers
  • planned and designed specifically for the client
  • planned and designed with aims and objectives set against the highest standards and criteria
  • run efficiently, using the latest information technology and equipment
  • supported by a professionally produced and comprehensive Training Manual provided to all participants constantly updated on the basis of feedback from you, the client
  • informative, challenging and interesting, giving participants the opportunity to learn and  develop their skills in a friendly and safe environment
  • challenging but also motivating, enjoyable and fulfilling

We are delighted to build customised courses for individual corporate clients tailored to their desired outcomes but broadly we cover the following subjects:

Business Skills

  • Role of the owner/manager in business
  • Setting goals and planning
  • Establishing standards and performance criteria
  • Book-keeping, Accounting (manual and computerised)
  • Taxation, VAT, PAYE/PRSI
  • Business Plans, Financial Projections
  • Employment Legislation, Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • Performance Evaluation and Measurement
  • Marketing, eMarketing
  • Sales, Customer Care
  • Advertising and Press releases
  • Communications and Writing Skills
  • Career development and CV writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Personal Development, Stress Management, Time Management
  • Group Facilitation, Coaching, Team Building, Mediation, Negotiation
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities, Chairing meetings
  • Health and Safety Introduction
  • Bullying in the Workplace

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